The Graduate School of Korean Studies, The Academy of Korean Studies 

2022 Master's and Doctoral Degree Program in Korean Studies


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2015 AKS Graduate Fellowship


The Graduate School of Korean Studies(GSKS) in the Academy of Korean Studies is a research-oriented graduate institute established in 1980. We specialize in the fields of humanities and social sciences pertaining to Korea with the aim of nurturing eminent scholars of Korean studies who would search for the essence of Korean culture and contribute to the advancement and globalization of Korean studies. About 260 students including 130 international students from 35 countries are currently enrolled in our master's and doctoral degree programs, enjoying close one-to-one guidance by professors which our 1:4 faculty-student ratio enables.
The AKS Graduate Fellowship is one of our non-degree programs which invites and supports international students for six months, providing them with a momentum to grow to be a next generation of promising scholars in Korean studies and to play a leading role in the field abroad. Applications for the 2015 AKS Graduate Fellowship for the period from 1 March 2015 to 31 August 2015 (or from 1 September 2015 to 28 February 2016) are now being sought. Those who aspire to widen and deepen their knowledge of Korea by conducting research at our graduate school in one of the most dynamic countries in the world are very welcome to apply.
1. Fellowship Benefits
A. Monthly allowance of KRW900,000 is provided.
B. An economy-class round trip airfare at actual expense is provided within the limit prescribed by the GSKS Travel Expenses Policy (Please see the Attachment 2 "Maximum Round-trip Airfares Per Regions").
C. Fellowship Period : 6 months
1) Fellowship Period I : From 1 March 2015 to 31 August 2015
2) Fellowship Period II : From 1 September 2015 to 28 February 2016
※ Applicants should select one of the fellowship periods.
D. Access to the AKS facilities including the library and Jangseogak Archives is given.
E. On-campus dormitory is available at the rate of KRW716,100 for 6 months, double occupancy.
F. Korean language courses are offered free of charge.
G. A Certificate of Completion can be issued for those who successfully completed the program.
2. Number of Fellows Sought : ○○
3. Recruitment Schedule
A. Application Deadline : 5:00PM 24 November 2014
B. Selection Result Announcement on the AKS website : 6:00PM 26 December 2014
4. Eligibility
Nationality An applicant must be a foreign national or a Korean national who has completed education outside of Korea which is compatible with Korea's elementary, middle, high school and college education.
Educational Background
As of the application deadline, applicants must meet one of the following conditions :
① Applicants are enrolled in a master’s or a doctoral degree program at an overseas university.
② Applicants completed coursework and are in the status of ABD (All But Dissertation) in a master's or a doctoral degree program at an overseas university.
③ Applicants were conferred a master's degree at an overseas university.
Residence As of the application deadline, applicants must reside in a foreign country outside of Korea.
Research Topic An applicant's research topic should pertain to Korea/Korean studies.
※ Application from previous AKS Research Grantees is not accepted.
5. Required Documents
A. Application Form (Prescribed form downloadable at intl.aks.ac.kr/english)
※ Applicants should designate one of the AKS professors whose specialty is most relevant to their research topic as their academic advisor, referring to the list of the AKS' faculty members athttp://intl.aks.ac.kr/english/viewforum.php?f=19. The GSKS will designate an appropriate professor as an academic advisor for those who do not choose one.
B. Certificate of Graduation and official transcripts for a bachelor's degree
C. Certificate of Enrollment (or Coursework Completion or Graduation) and official transcripts for a master's degree
D. Certificate of Enrollment (or Coursework Completion) and official transcripts for a doctoral degree (if applicable)
E. Research Plan (3 pages in length with a free format)
F. Personal Statement (2 pages in length with a free format)
G. A Letter of Recommendation
◦ The recommender must be either an applicant's academic advisor or dean of the department in his/her undergraduate/graduate school.
◦ After completing the letter, the recommender must seal the envelope and sign across the envelope seal.
◦ The letter of recommendation should be sent by post either directly from the recommender to the Director of Academic and Student Affairs at GSKS, or being included in the application package.
H. Official transcripts for the Korean language proficiency test (TOPIK) or English language proficiency test (TOEFL, IELTS or TEPS) (if applicable)
I. A copy of the first two pages of the applicant's passport
J. Two color ID photos (3.5cmX4.5cm) taken within the recent 6 months
6. Important Notes
A. All the certificates should be original copies.
B. All the above documents must be written in Korean or in English. If documents are written in a language other than Korean or English, they must be translated into and then notarized either in Korean or in English. Alternatively, instead of notarization, it is acceptable to submit translated documents which are confirmed by the issuing institute that the translation is correct.
C. Late applications after the submission deadline are not accepted.
D. Incomplete applications with missing documents are not accepted, and submitted documents are not returned.
7. Submission Guideline
◦ Send the required documents (soft copies or scanned documents) via email to nylee@aks.ac.kr.
◦ Original copies of certificates and a letter of recommendation should be additionally sent by post to the following address:
The Graduate School of Korean Studies
The Academy of Korean Studies
323 Haogaero Bundang-gu Seongnam-si Gyeonggi-do
Republic of Korea (Postcode: 463-791)
8. Fellows' Obligations
A. Fellows must designate one of the AKS professors whose specialty is most relevant to their research topic as their academic advisor.
B. Course Enrollment
1) Fellows must take at least one major-specific course taught by their academic advisor or an individual study with their academic advisor.
2) Fellows must take at least one Korean language course allocated by the GSKS.
3) Fellows must obtain "S(Successful)" for courses taken.
※ Credits are not given for courses taken.
※ Courses are graded S(Successful) / U(Unsuccessful).
C. Final Report and Evaluation Report
1) Completing their research, fellows must submit either a thesis or a report summarizing their research findings and an evaluation report written by their academic advisor before they leave the country.
2) A thesis or a report must be minimum 16,000 letters(including spaces) in length when written in Korean, and minimum 5,000 words when written in English excluding the bibliography.
D. Towards the end of the fellowship period, there will be a meeting for reading research papers where fellows must present their research findings.
E. Fellows must stay in Korea and concentrate on their research during the fellowship period. However, exceptions can be made when fellows temporarily leave the country in order to present their papers in an academic conference with a prior approval of the Dean of the Graduate School of Korean Studies.
F. Towards the end of the fellowship period, fellows must present their passport and prove their stay in Korea. If it is found that a fellow stays abroad during the fellowship period, the monthly stipend will be deducted for the number of days spent overseas at the rate of KRW30,000 per day.
G. When publishing a thesis or a book with research findings of the fellowship period, fellows must state that it is an outcome of the research conducted with support of the Graduate School of Korean Studies in the Academy of Korean Studies.
H. During the fellowship period, fellows are not allowed to be engaged in other occupations for financial purposes.
I. During the fellowship period, fellows are not permitted to register at another educational institutions in Korea.
J. As for items not stipulated here, fellows must abide by the rules and regulations of the AKS and decisions of the Graduate School Committee.
9. Provision of Monthly Allowance and Airfare
A. Monthly Allowance
1) The monthly allowance is provided in the first week of each month, except in the first month of the fellowship period when payment is made at the end of the month after fellows provide the GSKS with a foreigner registration number issued by Seoul Immigration Office and a Korean bank account information.
2) The amount of monthly allowance in the first and the final months of the fellowship period is calculated by multiplying a daily stipend of KRW30,000 by the number of days for which fellows stay in Korea.
B. Airfare
1) A round trip airfare is provided in the final month.
2) Only 50% of the round trip airfare is offered in the following cases :
a) If fellows arrive in Korea before the notification of the selection result and reside in the country
b) If fellows stay in Korea after the fellowship period is over
3) Airfare is not provided in the following cases :
1) If fellows fail to complete the required number of classes (15 weeks) and give up their research
2) If fellows fail to submit a final report or fail to obtain "S(Successful)" for courses taken
C. The provision of the AKS Graduate Fellowship can be cancelled and the monthly allowance as well as airfare paid can be redeemed according to the decision of the Graduate School Committee, including in the following cases :
1) If it turns out that provided information on the application form is false and that the applicant is not qualified.
2) If a fellow fails to meet obligations specified above.
10. Contact Us
◦ Tel : +82-31-709-8111(Ext 214), +82-31-708-5310
◦ Fax : +82-31-709-9946
◦ Email : nylee@aks.ac.kr




Стипендии за обучение в Република Корея


Global Korea Scholarship (GKS)


Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) – Graduate


Описание на стипендиантската програма на правителството на Република Корея




The 22nd AKS Summer Program for International Students


The Academy of Korean Studies(AKS) is pleased to announce the "22nd AKS Summer Program for International Students." As an important part of our mission is to cultivate young leaders, who can contribute to the development of Korean studies, the academy has organized an intensive summer program for international undergraduate students in Korean studies. This program is composed of various components, such as special lectures on Korea, intensive Korean language course, field trips, excursions, and traditional cultural activities. Since its starting in 1993, we held the program for 21 times and around 630 students from 45 countries attended the program. For those who are interested in the 22nd AKS Summer Program for International Students, please read the notification carefully and apply for the program.


Program Period

July 14(Mon) – August 8(Fri), 2014, 4 weeks


Language of the Program

Korean & English

* Except for some English lectures most of the program will be in Korean. Therefore the participants are recommended to possess basic Korean language skills.


Eligibility and Required Documents

1. Eligibility

Undergraduate students of second year or above from universities abroad who are majoring or minoring in Korean Studies and/or those who took Korea related lectures from their universities.

*Those who are in graduate school or hold Korean nationality are not eligible for this program.

2. Required Documents

1) Application Form: Available to download on our website(http://www.aks.ac.kr)

2) All Official University Transcripts

3) “Korean Proficiency Evaluation Sheet” included in the application form (No.7)

4) 2 Letters of Reference

※ Letters of reference should be directly sent to syjung@aks.ac.kr from the recommenders.

5) (Optional) Score Report for Korean Proficiency Test

* All documents should be written in Korean or English. If not, a certified translation of the document into Korean or English should be added.


Application Period

January 13(Mon) – February 28(Fri), 2014

* Applications received after the deadline will be not be considered.


Application Method

Please combine all of the required documents in 1 pdf file except for the letters of reference and send it to the e-mail address below.

- E-mail Address: syjung@aks.ac.kr

- E-mail Title: Application Documents for the 22nd AKS Summer Program for International Students_Name of the Applicant


Notification of the Acceptance

The result will be announced individually via e-mail on March 31, 2014.


Financial Support

The Academy of Korean Studies will cover the cost of registration, lectures, accommodations, and meals during the program as well as expenses incurred during field trips and excursions.

* All participants are responsible for their own travel expenses including the round-trip airfare and transportation fee between airport and AKS.



Ms. Seungyeon Jung(Program Coordinator)

Phone: +82-31-709-9843


E-mail: syjung@aks.ac.kr





Стипендии за обучение в Република Корея



Правителството на Република Корея предоставя шест стипендии на български граждани за придобиване на образователно-квалификационна степен „ магистър” или научна степен „доктор”, считано от м. септември 2014 г.

Одобрените кандидати ще бъдат освободени от заплащане на такса за обучение, ще им бъдат предоставени двупосочни самолетни билети, месечна издръжка, медицинска застраховка, а също така ще бъдат покрити и разходите по отпечатване на дисертацията им.

Заинтересованите лица могат да намерят необходимите формуляри за кандидатстване, както и подробна информация за програмата на следния електронен адрес:

http://studyinkorea.go.kr/en/main.do  à  click „GKSà click „NOTICEà No. 60 with title „2014 Korean Government Scholarship Program for International Students for Graduate Degrees

http://bgr.mofa.go.kr/worldlanguage/europe/bgr/mission/notice/index.jsp à click „Стипендия 2014 – магистратура

Кандидатите за обучение самостоятелно подготвят и изпращат необходимите документи до посолството на Република Корея в София, съгласно изискванията, посочени от корейската страна до 21 март 2014 г. Посолството ще проведе събеседване с допуснатите кандидати в края на месец март 2014 г.


Контакт и подробна информация: asadalculture@gmail.com, TEL: 02 971 2181 



International Student Recruitment for 2014 Spring Semester


The Graduate School of Korean Studies (“GSKS”) is a research-oriented graduate school in the fields of humanities and social sciences related to Korea, which aims at nurturing scholars who will contribute to the development and globalization of Korean studies. Since its establishment in 1980 as Korea’s first professional school dedicated exclusively to Korean studies, GSKS has provided intensive research-oriented education through eminent professors’ close mentoring of students. As a result, not only GSKS has gained a worldwide reputation for its high standard and quality education, but also its graduates are playing pivotal role in widening and deepening Korean studies all over the world with their academic excellence. Currently, approximately 230 students, including about 120 international students from 30 different countries, are enrolled in the master’s and doctoral degree programs and research (non-degree) program at GSKS.

Application Deadline - October 31



Стипендия на Корейската фондация за обучение по корейски език


This fellowship is awarded to researchers and graduate students studying Korean Studies subjects and other persons professionally engaged in Korea-related activities who wish to have an opportunity to take a language immersion program and learn Korean in a systematic manner at a university in Korea.

Application Deadline - July 31



DUO-Korea 2013 Program


DUO-Korea Fellowship Program was established in 2001 with the aim of promoting exchanges of people between Korea and European countries (the 29 EU member countries only: including Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the U.K.) on a balanced and permanent basis. 

Application Deadline - May 28, 2013

DUO-Korea 2013 Procedure

DUO-Korea 2013 Application Form

DUO-Korea 2013 Implementation Guide

For further information - http://www.asemduo.org/




2013 Korean Government Scholarship Program at HUFS


Brief Information on 2013 KGSP


- Host - National Institute for International Education (http://www.studyinkorea.go.kr)

- Scholarship Period - One year Korean Language (September 2013-August 2014)

                             Two to three year Master/Ph.D. Program (September 2014-)

- Benefits - Full-tuition, Living allowance, Air-fare, and etc.

- Note - Application must be submitted to HUFS or overseas Korean Embassy according to nationality requirements

- Applicable Departments and majors at HUFS - Graduate School or Graduate School of International and Area Studies Only

- Application Deadline - March 22, 2013

- Eligibility and Required Documents - Please refer to attachment

* Applicants who have ever enrolled in a university in Korea will be disqualified from applying to the KGSP (any degree or exchange program).


Application Guide for 2013 HUFS-KGSP

Application Form for 2013 HUFS-KGSP

List of Available Fields and Majors at HUFS



2013 Kangnam University
International Student Scholarship
Sponsored by Shimjeon Foundation


1. Program Objective

Kangnam University and Shimjeon Foundation invite the foreign students who are talented, but have difficulty
in studying due to the financial reason in order to encourage their passions for further study and to offer the
opportunities to learn and experience Korea, as well to bring up the global brains who will do much to develop
their countries and the international society.

2. Course of Study

(1) Undergraduate course: Bachelor's degree courses
(2) Graduate course: Master's, and Doctoral degree courses
(3) Korean Language Program: This program is offered to the scholarship students who cannot qualify for
TOPIK1 level 3 or KNKPT2 level 4 for maximum 1 year (4 semesters) at the International Language Center
of Kangnam University

Application Deadline: 31 December 2012

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Application Form



AKS Research Grant Announcement

The AKS (Academy of Korean Studies) Research Grant is a non-degree program which invites and supports international students for six months to provide them with a momentum to grow to be a next generation of promising scholars in Korean studies and to play a leading role in the field abroad. Applications for the AKS Research Grant for the period from 1 March 2013 to 31 August 2013 are now being sought.  

Application Deadline: 20 November 2012

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Стипендия на Корейската фондация за магистранти и докторанти



National Institute for International Education



ASEM-DUO Mobility Programme


Стипендии за обучение в Корея

Study in Korea, run by Korean Government