2014 The 13th Annual International Korean UCC Festival


I. Objective

The Korean Language Center of Korea University will be hosting its 13th Annual International Korean UCC Festival. For the last ten years, the Korean Language Center of Korea University have disseminated and promoted the Korean language through theatrical means. With the rapid spread of Hallyu along with an increased interest in Korean culture and language we expanded this years Korean UCC Festival to the international Korean UCC Festival to allow anyone from anywhere take advantage of the platform to utilize their Korean. This year, Korean students can also participate in this festival. It conducts to show not  only perspective of Korean culture and Korean by foreigners but also perspective of foreigners and foreign culture by Korean. We hope that all those interested in Korean language and culture participates in this great event.

II. Event Information

1. Date and Venue

·         Date: November 5th(Wed), 2014,  3:00 p.m.  5:30 p.m.

·         Venue: Inchon Memorial Hall, Korea University

2. Event Summary

·         Theme and Form of UCC: This years theme for the UCC will be ‘Introduce my Korean friend, my foreigner friend(‘ 한국인 친구를 소개합니다 외국인 친구를 소개합니다.) The Themes are not  only about perspective of Korean and Korean culture by foreigners but also perspective of foreigner culture and foreigner by Korean. Also, various genre can be involved due to increase the number of participants. The project must be made in Korean the length of the video should be under 15 minutes.

·          Participation Eligibility: Any foreign or overseas Korean individual or group that reside in Korea or overseas that have a passion and deep interest for Korea and the Korean language.

·          Participants Eligibility: Anyone who has passion and interest in Korean and Korean culture from all over the world foreign or overseas Korean(Individual or Group are available)

·         How to Register:

Submit an application form and the Korean UCC video by October 25th, 2014, 5p.m. Korean

Standard Time

·         How to submit (Online or Off-line):

o    Email: send.ur.korean.ucc@gmail.com

o    Fax: +82-2-921-0534

o    Mailing Address: #208B, International Studies Hall, 145, Anam-ro, Seungbuk-gu, Seoul, 136-701, Korea

*UCC sent through can be sent in DVD, Blu-ray, USB Memory form via mail or electronically by email. 

·         Contact Information:

o    E-mail : send.ur.korean.ucc@gmail.com

o    Tel:  02-3290-2977

·         UCC Selection Process Dates: (All results will be notified by email and posted  on the homepage)

o    1st Round

o    Decision complete: Oct. 31st  (Friday)

o    Judge  by KLC Panels

o    Final Round

o    Decisions will be determined at the UCC festival: Nov. 5th (Wednesday)

o    Held  on Awards Day (Final Panel of Judges, Audience)


* Dates and method of the judging of the UCC are subject to change.


·         Prize

o    1st Prize : Certificate and cash prize of 1,500,000KRW

o    2nd Prize(2 Pieces) : Certificate and cash prize of 1,000,000KRW

o    3rd Prize(2 Pieces) : Certificate and cash prize of 500,000KRW

o    Prize for Best Actor(Actress), Directing, Script, and Special Awards: Certificate and cash prize of 300,000KRW

***In the case a video submitted from a participant from overseas is chosen for the Grand Prize, in addition to the prize, the tuition for the individual or 1 person from a group will be awarded a 1 semester  waiver to study at the Korea Language Center-KLC’s regular program-  in Korea University.